get well soon, Charlie

The vet’s appointment yesterday didn’t go so well. I’ve been concerned this past week about Charlie having a weepy eye, and a wet nose – on the same side – which from past tragic experience with the guinea pigs I know as warning signs, and the vet had the same concern (i.e. about his teeth and mouth). His weight has also been worrying me this year. Charlie has dropped a whole pound since his last checkup, which is a lot for a rabbit his size, and he still has his lopsided expression which I mentioned to the vet last time. (This time was our second time at that surgery, with a different vet this time, who really knew her stuff as far as rabbits were concerned.)

The first thing she said was ‘there’s not a lot to him, is there?’ and then ‘He’s lopsided,’ – the first person to notice without me pointing it out. Although last time the other vet found a small spur on his teeth, but considered it not large enough to worry about, this vet couldn’t even get to see the area because Charlie was in such obvious discomfort. She didn’t give him his myxo jab because she felt he was in such a bad way. I have pro-biotics to sprinkle on his food to see if he can tolerate more food and gain some weight (which has always been the problem with Charlie’s digestion) and some painkiller to administer orally to see if it enables her to have a proper look at the problem part of his mouth (and side of face) next week.

So he is not a very healthy bunny, and causing some concern. He may need putting under anaesthetic to check out what is really going on in his mouth – but needs to put on some weight in order to reduce the risk that comes with going under anaesthetic. But there is a risk, and he’s not very well, so it’s all a bit worrying. It’s not cheap, either, of course. But hearing her talking about him and his state of health in the terms she did made me struggle to compose myself at times, as he sat meekly on the table while I stroked him.

I hope we can put some weight on him and bring him through.

Get well soon, Charlie.

Today: 3-4/10, medium
Yesterday:4/10, medium

9 thoughts on “get well soon, Charlie

  1. Tricia says:

    Poor Charlie! Yes, indeed – please get well soon!! He’s in my prayers (as are you).(FYI – LiveJournal will be down for a while starting sometime today, so if you can’t get to my blog, that’s why.)


  2. mum of critters says:

    hey i’ll do even better than some good bunny vibes – i’ll pray for him and you ;-)bunnies have such sensitive systems and every little change can be a concern. it is good to hear the vet saw the issue without your pointing it out, sounds like a good vet.rabbits guy often keeps frozen pineapple juice in ice trays and gives it to his buns when they have gi issues and are dropping weight fast. maybe he has some other ideas that might help you help charlie. he seems to know lots about rabbit care, having 10 i spose helps!his blog is if you haven’t already stumbled on itremember your previous post … HOPE … He loves us so I know He loves the critters he puts in our charge!


  3. Rabbits' Guy says:

    Hello … Archi’s Mum, Carrie Ann asked for us to hop over and say hello and see if we had ever any experiences with our Houseful of Rabbits like poor old, good old Charlie there.No, what you describe we have not seen and we wish you and Charlie well. Our primary first-aid is to give a bunny fresh pineapple juice … we get a pineapple and squish all the juice into freezer trays and make ice-cubes out of it.When we need some we just thaw out a cube and use a little syringe to give three or four syringes full every 6 hours or so. Mainly it helps for belly distress but it might help add some weight to Charlie.We also are often pretty liberal giving Meta-cam which is a pain medication/relaxer and seems to help when what ever the bunnhas is causing pain and tension. Just follow directions in terms of how much to give.Anyhoo .. good luck both. We’ll be thinking of you.For the relaxation sometimes needed to get through the traumas of life, we have always liked the book “Full Catastrophe Living” (or some similar title) by Jon Kabat-Zinn.Whew, I’m woofed .. time for breakfast.


  4. Lucy says:

    He certainly can – especially when I’ve just finished fussing over him and closed the door – which is what had actually happened! He loves attention soooo much that he disapproves when it’s over and I have something else I need to do!!


  5. Glenna says:

    Get well, soon, baby! Maybe it hurts to bite, so I’d try various soft foods–applesauce comes to mind. Mine love crunchy foods a lot–bunny junk food, which are full of carbs that put on a bit of weight.


  6. furrybutts says:

    Hi! I found your blog from the comments on the Houseful of Rabbits blog. I hope Charlie gets well soon, me and the buns will be sending good vibes to little Charlie until he’s better 🙂


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