busy busy

Have spent most of this morning printing, putting together, and then stapling copies of Fragile World…quite satisfying, actually, seeing something from the beginning right to the very end. I have some more orders from my mother’s end, and also my mother-in-law’s, as well as wanting to have some more on hand here as well. Have got quite warm in the process; may have to have a break soon! The sun has been shining again so that is most welcome.

The next couple of weeks are filled with various things and comings and goings so I may be rather absent from my post (haha) for a while. I will, of course, return. Must, must, remember my ratings (sigh).

Today: 5/10, medium
Yesterday:5/10, medium high
Tuesday: 5-6/10, medium
Monday, Sunday, Saturday: far too long ago to remember – probably fairly similar? I have a feeling one day might have been medium low for a change.

One thought on “busy busy

  1. Tricia says:

    Thanks for the encouraging comments and for sharing your experience. You can probably guess why I’ve been absent a bit more on your blog lately (although I’ve been reading your entries). I’m doing somewhat better now, but your prayers would be very much appreciated.I hope your upcoming busy-ness is a fruitful time for you. 🙂


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