for fans of Charlie…

Charlie has been protesting that there have not been any posts dedicated to him recently. He feels he is disappointing his fans. So here we are, some Charlie pics. The first three are his ‘stroke me, stroke me’ expression. He goes completely goofy…

In contrast…

“You really think these bars will keep me from taking over the world?”

This effect is slightly spoiled by…

“Wahey! Check out my ginger neck!”

4 thoughts on “for fans of Charlie…

  1. bunnits says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Now, my turn. Charlie is adorable. I just want to hug him. I have six rabbits and find them to be fascinating creatures.The flower photos of your Oct. 10 post are beautiful. Thanks for sharing all that beauty.I also liked your spider photo and remarks. I am an appreciator of spiders–well, most of them–and enjoyed that post.Glad we can share our blogs.


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