update on Fragile World

Thus far I have managed to raise over £350 from my anthology for the people of Darfur (over $600). I send it off periodically to World Vision. I’m pretty pleased with that at this time, and the money continues to come in from various places…a family friend at my parents’ church can’t get enough of Fragile World and is publicising it left, right, and centre! Which is good, since I find myself feeling rather self-conscious about blowing my own trumpet, as it were, even though the cause is something outside of myself. I’m getting very encouraging comments and appreciative remarks which reinforces my sense of purpose.

I’m thinking next year of collating a book of prayers to raise money for the abused women of the Congo, through Tearfund who work with them directly. I’m encouraged that this is working, and things can be done by those of us who feel hampered by our limitations.

We all have the potential to make a difference in our own way. We just have to work out what it is. And even if it seems to us a small, even foolish thing, it can achieve more than we can ever imagine in God’s hands.

Today: 5/10, medium

Yesterday:5/10, medium

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