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I have just walked face on into a cobweb on my way round to the bins at the side of the house. Andy had warned me about this; the diligent spider re-spins its web as soon as it has been destroyed, and the giant masterpiece stretches right across the path. Since I have not walked to the bins from the front way for a while (and if I did, Andy has recently gone round before me, presumably meeting a cobwebby fate) I was not at all prepared and had the strange sensation of walking straight into it. I’m not clear where the spider went – and although I’m not bothered by spiders minding their own business, the idea that it went somewhere on my person is a little disconcerting.

Um, yes, enough about that. My parents returned home yesterday morning. Obviously my entries have not been very regular over this time. However, much has been going on which I would not previously have written about anyway, since I don’t feel it would have been appropriate. But now I can share the news! The church has called a new Senior Minister and she has accepted. She and her husband came up this weekend for the final ‘preach with a view’ and question and answer time with the congregation, and the Special Church Meeting was held on Tuesday, where the vote was taken. I think many of us were nervous beforehand, not really knowing which way it would go, but now it is done and over and confirmed. Obviously this has been going on for the last few months, but as I say I did not feel it appropriate to write about until a decision had been made. So that is fantastic news.

Also on Saturday there was a church building open day, where we could go and look around the building. The result is tremendous. Where there were narrow corridors, cracked walls and difficult access for those less able, there is now an open, light building which flows beautifully throughout. It is now so community friendly and hopefully will be a fantastic resource to help and reach out to those around us.

So this has been a very positive week – even if we have been on tenterhooks at times!

On a personal level, my headaches have been very bad these last couple of days, which I have found a bit discouraging, but I do hope and pray I get some respite from them soon. I have scribbled my ratings on a pad so please feel free to ignore this exercise I am supposed to do for my own benefit:

Sunday 14th: 5/10, horrendously high
Mon 15th: 5/10, high
Tues 16th: 5/10, medium, high later in eve
Wed 17th: 4/10, medium
Thurs 18th: 4/10, medium -low
Fri 19th: 4/10, medium – low
Sat 20th: 4,10, medium
Sun 21st: 4-5/10, medium
Mon 22nd: 4/10, medium progressing to high
Tues 23rd: 4/10, medium – high
Wed 23th: 3-4/10, very high
Thurs 24th: 3-4/10, very high

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