forgetful heart

I spend
so many days
just passing you by
unintentional, perhaps
I pay you lip service
sometimes, not even that.
the occasional nudge
of memory,
provoking an ‘in a minute’
or ‘maybe later’
forgetting to even
acknowledge you,
until some panic
makes me reach for you,
demand your help
when things collide
and get rather

but still, for some
reason I can’t grasp,
you treasure me,
in all my half-heartedness
your flamboyant love
encases me
for a mere, tiny step
sees you running, delighted
to meet me.
and tomorrow
you remain unfailing,
despite the fact
I rarely learn
from my mistake
and so often forget you.
but you never forget
I am etched into your hands,
marked with a value
I could never deserve.

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