more camera talk…

…Sorry for those not interested in this stuff!

How exciting to get advice!! I’m seriously researching the Canon 450D (aka Digital Rebel) since although I’ve worked out I can’t use the lenses I’ve got, I may at least be able to pick up second hand auto focus lenses…I’d like to feel I had some ‘affordable’ options after I’ve bought the camera itself (and that won’t be until after Christmas – somehow I don’t think my birthday money will cover it!!)

My current SLR is an Olympus OM-2n…generously passed on to me by my father in law – but obviously the lenses are all manual lenses, because of the age (and they are not all the same make). It is a good camera though – and he gave me two extra lenses, plus a 2x magnifier, so really I was very fortunate to have such an enthusiast for a father in law!! I do have a motordrive, but I confess to not making much use of it – the camera is quite heavy and when the two are combined it makes quite a weighty object. I don’t mind it when taking the pictures – but carrying it around can be quite tiring, especially with my problem shoulders.

It can be quite hilarious when we go out, because I have the camera bag, usually with spare film, batteries, telephoto lens and 2x magnifier inside, plus the camera, which is soon draped around my neck separately, and usually my binoculars, and sometimes a normal bag (wallet, keys, sunglasses). The tangle when I need to switch from camera to binoculars must look quite entertaining from a distance. Thankfully, Andy usually carries the tripod, as it doubles up for use with his spotterscope. If I carry it, every time I need to change something everything has to halt for me to sort myself out. I do, occasionally, carry a rucksack, but inevitably everything ends up round my neck anyway, as when I’m photo-mood I spot opportunities every 30 seconds (not great for a peaceful walk).

I’m thinking of searching for some kind of belt to store lenses in – they must do something like that surely? No doubt it will result in different forms of hilarity, but at least my shoulders and neck will get a bit of relief…

5 thoughts on “more camera talk…

  1. Tricia says:

    I think they might make belts for lenses. I’ve also seen vests that hold lenses (like what photojournalists use). That might still put some weight on your shoulders, but it could be more evenly distributed than in a rucksack or camera bag.Just remember that digital SLRs will have SO many more capabilities than the older SLRs. I’ve got one of the original Digital Rebels, and even that was a bit overwhelming changing over from my film SLR. Take your time with it. And remember that you may need to tweak your photos more on the computer afterwards – Canon photos tend to come out of the camera a wee bit soft around the edges compared to other cameras.


  2. Tricia says:

    You know you’re going to force me to go out and buy the latest version of the Digital Rebel just so I can help you with this, don’t you? LOL!You’ll be fine. Just don’t be like I was and try to be perfect with the camera from the beginning. That gets frustrating really quickly. Just take a while to practice and experiment. You can view the photos you take immediately in the camera’s LCD, so you can feel free to take as many and discard as many as you want. (*That* took getting used to. After years of trying to get the photos perfect the first time around because I had to pay to develop the film afterwards, I suddenly had the freedom to experiment and be as sloppy with composition as I wanted. Too much freedom stresses me out, obviously!)


  3. Lucy says:

    I have to say one of the big appeals for me is that you can see how your pictures have come out without going to all the hassle of developing…and spending money on developing what may be a string of useless shots…I think being able to see the effect of different techniques so easily will really help me, since I rarely remeber what I did for each photo -when I get round to developing it! It will hopefully allow me to be more adventurous and try out different things.


  4. Tricia says:

    Exactly! And it will record the settings that you shot each picture at, so you don’t have to wonder, “Gee, did I shoot that at f/5.6 or f/8? Did I use exposure compensation or not? Was that set for daylight exposure or tungsten?” That sort of thing.I think you’ll like it. 🙂


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