the weekend unwrapped (a little)

Frankly, I can’t be bothered with a list of ratings as to ‘how I was’ this past weekend. Rather, I shall simply note that my energy levels were similar to what they have been recently, and that considering what we did over the weekend, I did reasonably well. My headache is just bad overall at the moment. Obviously Saturday, being a day at Greenbelt, involved major rule breaking as far as the programme goes; I attempted to rest in the car on the way, but the others were impossible to keep.

Rest stop 3 coincided with a talk by Philip Yancey, except that we were sitting in front of the grandstand, which resulted in the strange sensation of his voice on one side and his echo on the other, and as I kept needing to lie back on the rug rather than sit uncomfortably, I didn’t hear various parts of what he was saying. Still, it enabled me to be reasonably ‘restful’ to some degree.

We did go to another seminar earlier, entitled ‘God, gods and Galactica’, which sounded a promising title but frankly we found it disappointing. It seemed more of a beginners’ guide to the basic plot and characters of Battlestar Galactica rather than anything else – and I suspect most of the people in the room were familiar with that already. I was interested in how they would approach and discuss the different belief systems of the Cylons and the humans – and where the series’ seemed to be going with this – but this was barely touched on except to say what they were, right at the end. It didn’t live up to the title, anyway.

In the evening we basically stationed ourselves on the field in front of the mainstage. It rained at one point, but we had our waterproofs on, sat on our chairs, and turned our water-proof bottomed rug upside down over our legs. (Very useful having a water-proof bottom – and we weren’t the only ones.) We looked like an elderly couple sitting determinedly on a British beach in the rain (!)

Still, the rain receded and those who had escaped from it returned. We stayed there until the last act was over – Seth Lakeman, whom Andy particularly wanted to see. I have to say he was very good. And it’s hard not to be impressed by someone who can sing, play the violin vigorously, and create a resounding beat with his foot all at the same time. He also played the guitar and the banjo. Separately.

On Sunday I followed my rest regime as far as possible, with rest stop 1 and 4 catered for, but with the family gathering in the middle. It was good to see everyone and I was enjoying myself very much, but then suddenly the tiredness blasted upon me and I was forced to see that I needed to leave.

We saw friends on Monday, and then travelled home in the evening. A good weekend – if not strictly within the rules!!

Today: 4/10, high

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