idle chatter

Quite a few special occasions for church members this week. On Thursday lunchtime a Golden Wedding, then this morning a 90th birthday open house, then this evening a 60th birthday garden party. The weather is looking brooding at the moment however – although it’s been dry so far today. Also on Thursday I went over to M’s for a film night with a few other ‘laydees’ from church which was a bit of a giggle. Quite nice for me as sitting down and watching something is quite easy even if I am having a ‘tired day’. We watched The Painted Veil. Needless to say the film wasn’t a comedy – but the some of the remarks made were! So I enjoyed that.

Yesterday I sent £105 to World Vision from my first lot of donations from my anthology. I’m going to say something at the end of the service tomorrow. Because I’ve not been involved ‘up front’ for sometime a little thing like this seems more daunting. But still, all I have to do is wave an anthology at them (and possibly say something at the same time!!)

I’m doing all right at the moment but battling with waves of frustration at my various limitations. The headaches annoy me, and the tiredness brings me down, especially when it hits me suddenly in one enormous wave.
I have an appointment at the CFS clinic at the beginning of September. I’m also in the process of changing doctors….all very uninteresting!

The garden is a bit untidy at the moment…Andy hoping to do some stuff this afternoon – I’m hoping to join him sitting on the path next to a flower bed with a bucket to collect weeds – of which there are far too many…

Today: 4/10, medium – high
Friday:4/10, medium high

Comments welcome!

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