garden visitor

I was quite tired on Friday so I took a break in the afternoon and sat in the garden for a while. Charlie was in his run, but he wasn’t my only company. A woodmouse also appeared. We have them occasionally – woe betide them if they come in the house – but they generally seem very bold. I usually dub them ‘Woody’ but this one had reddish fur so has been called ‘Rusty’ (by me – Andy doesn’t do mice).

Anyway this one was just as bold and not at all bothered by me sitting there waving my camera at him. If he was startled at any point he simply popped right back out again.

This isn’t the greatest picture, but it shows you his proximity:

Friday: 4/10, medium

Saturday: 5/10. medium-high

Today: 4-5/0, medium

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