telephones in the toilet

Sarah rang this evening. I’d sent her a text to make her laugh, and should have known better than to absent-mindedly tuck my phone in my pocket and head for the bathroom. Was sitting on the loo (I know, my blog is never going to be an intelligent, reflective, theological type – although I do try occasionally). Er. Oh yes – I was sitting on the loo when my phone rang so I was yelping and trying to pull up my jeans and pull my phone out of my pocket at the same time – which frankly didn’t work very well. I knew it would be Sarah so this didn’t cause me us much stress as it might have done, because I cheerfully told her all about it. Quite a bit has changed in her life recently – moving house, a different job – which I hadn’t known about. ‘Oh poor Luce,’ she apologised, ‘I just assume you automatically know what’s happening!!’
I laughed. ‘We’re not that telepathically connected,’ I replied affectionately.

Anyway was nice to chat, although we arranged we’d speak another time via landlines as we were both having problems with signal and the conversation was very hiccupy. Am glad she’s well – and we should be seeing each other soon. We like to store up funny moments to tell each other so we can roar with laughter and chase all life’s cobwebs far far away.

Today: 4-5/10, medium – low

6 thoughts on “telephones in the toilet

  1. Tricia says:

    Hmmm…if I Google “sitting on the loo,” will I come up with this entry? :-)At least your phone didn’t fall INTO the loo! (Which has nearly happened with Mike at work on a couple of occasions…not that he would mind losing his work cell phone, lol!)


  2. Lucy says:

    Actually, no it didn’t, thank goodness. Although I have heard of people it hashappened to!! Ironically I’m not the sort of person to carry it with me round the house – it just happened to be there this time!


  3. Tricia says:

    I just did a search, and your entry didn’t immediately pop up. However, the first thing that came up for me was “Brit bit by rat while sitting on the loo,” so maybe you have other things to worry about over there than answering the phone while otherwise indisposed. LOL! (Glad you didn’t lose the phone, at least!)


  4. Lucy says:

    LOL – how very unpleasant! (The headline wouldn’t have worked so well if it had been, say, a Norwegian – couldn’t get the ‘Brit bit’ snappiness!)


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