Charlie’s new house

Here, at last, are pictures of Charlie’s new hutch. To give you some perspective, this is what he used to be in, when not in his run or the house:

Not great on the days I can’t let him out for whatever reason. Really I should have taken a picture with him in it to give you the idea – he filled up a lot of the main compartment.

So…’s the new one!
It is wider, deeper and higher – the individual levels are higher than his old hutch. I had to coax him up the ramp the first time, with a bit of food. He followed, wobbling, as if thinking not to sure about this, but if there’s food involved…

When we first put him in he raced about kicking his legs like he does when he runs around the lounge, which was lovely to watch – enjoying the freedom of space. When I’d coaxed him up to the upper level, he did the same there. He’s up and down the ramp all the time now.
Today: medium, 4/10

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