typing up and up and up

Well, I’ve got to day 9 but my head hurts so you’ll have to wait for the rest! I’m talking about my holiday entries, of course. Day 1 starts on July 5th. Kept forgetting to backdate, photos messed up formatting, nothing is ever simple.

Have to stop before my neck goes rigid, which is not allowed….which reminds me I forgot to do my ratings while away (tsk tsk). How silly, since I kept an account. I can say that my headache was reasonably low except for the last couple of days; my routine was a little stretched (my activity levels went higher than they should be) and I missed a few rests, so am feeling quite tired now, and any ups and downs were fairly predictable. It was nice to pretend I was a normal person and ignore the dormant tiredness; alas now there is no more pretending and I have to be very, very sensible.

Today: 4-5/10, high

Comments welcome!

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