relaxing on a bench…

Oh, I must just note this: one of the dunnocks, and also the juvenile robin, have taken to sitting on the bench by the pond. And I do mean sitting, not standing – sinking down as if on a nest. They are often sun basking, I suppose, though I’ve seen them do it when its cloudy. It’s the fact they’re on a bench that makes it so entertaining.The dunnock is there at the moment and as I watched it, stretched a wing out towards the sun and rolled partially onto its side to warm its tummy, before sitting up again and starting to preen. I think it may also be a juvenile as it looks a little more speckled than the others. They look so gorgeous all spread out and relaxed. I hope they are still alert for predators…although the neighbourhood cat doesn’t frequent our garden much at the moment, usually only at night. The birds, relaxed as they are, instantly shoot off if they sense danger. They’ve obviously simply realised that benches are for sitting on and enjoying the day…

One thought on “relaxing on a bench…

  1. Tricia says:

    I remember that once when I was a kid I saw a squirrel in the tree outside our kitchen window stretch itself out on a limb with its legs dangling over either side and go to sleep that way. I thought that was the funniest thing. I guess animals really do know when they’re relatively safe from predators.Have a great holiday! 🙂


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