undercooked chicken and holiday packing

Ow, I ache. Alas I’ve not done anything to make me ache, which is why it is particularly annoying. Have I been on a hike up a beautiful mountain? Noooo. Weary. Risked poisoning us with undercooked chicken on Friday because I was tired and not with it. No terrible pains or running to the loo, thank goodness, and now that 24 hours have been and gone am beginning to relax – at least about that. Andy’s Uncle’s funeral is tomorrow, and we intended to go, but Andy is just too exhausted to do the journey. We were going to stop off at my parents tonight, but that would still mean possibly over 9 hours travelling in total tomorrow (the last leg of the journey plus return home). He worked all yesterday and then had prayer meeting this morning, morning church service and now is out at an Alpha Course. If we’d have gone, we’d have left as soon as he got back from that – and then he has a Deacon’s Meeting tomorrow night he’d have had to get back for after attending the funeral (plus extras).

We joke you couldn’t make one healthy person out of both of us put together these days. I still feel floored by last week’s nightmare headache, which has gone back to lurking irritably about my temples and my eyebrows.

We are going on holiday very soon, which is delicious – but of course I have to retain enough energy to pack and sort everything out before we leave. Isn’t that the trouble with holidays? All the packing and unpacking…bleah.
It’s really more what I’m afraid I’ll forget to do before we go. Don’t ask me what; I’ve forgotten already. I hope desperately that it can be time of re-charging and relaxing for us both – that there won’t be any hiccups and we can simply revel in being away. Sometimes we get to our holidays and the exhaustion simply hits. I would like us to feel happy to rest but without feeling completely incapacitated.

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