Psalm 19 – better late than never!

I know this is late for the last Salt Challenge, but hopefully no-one will mind. I used an old photo I’d discarded as the image was slightly blurry, but it worked well as a background, which I wrote on directly. What would I do without my white gel pen! The background is from a Papermania 8×8 Pastel Colossal pack, dotty paper overlaid with strips from starry paper (cut with decorative scissors). I rounded the corners of the photo and matted it on to vellum of a slightly paler shade than the background (with some more gel pen for impact). Added some sparkly ric-rac, and voila! Nothing hugely complex or stunning, but looks quite nice on a wall, actually, if I find a place to put it. Apologies for the upward slant at the end of the verses, I did so well with the first four lines…but was feeling a little sleepy at the time and didn’t notice til I’d finished – d’oh!

On reading these verses I was struck by what creation does tell us about the glory of God. If we think – why did God create such an enormous universe?? Sometimes I have thought of it is God’s extravagance in creation, but I think the real answer is that it declares his glory to us. And if we see it with those eyes, and how wonderful it all is, we can can catch a hint of the gloriousness of God.

Note: Andy’s Uncle died yesterday morning (his mother’s sister’s husband). We are waiting to hear when the funeral will be, hoping to be able to attend.

Yesterday: 4/10, headache awful
Today: ditto!

Comments welcome!

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