a little diversion

I’m back, feeling very groggy this morning. Home a day earlier as my parents’ car blew the head gasket and they are going back on the recovery truck today (for 350 miles). Andy was at a conference and took a (generous) detour to pick me up and come home together last night. My parents’ car broke down on the Monday, 20 minutes from our destination (houseboat on the Norfolk Broads!) so we did not have a car for the time we were there. I shall give a proper account later, when my head is together, have unpacked, been to the supermarket with Andy, and have retrieved my camera from my bag.

Just called World Vision as had two messages from one of their support team on our answer machine. Got through to someone called Natalie, who tried to put me through to the lady who had called me, but I accidentally got diverted to reception, who were perplexed and apologetic, and put me through to a member of the sponsorship team, who said he didn’t know why they had done that, and was very sorry (I was laughing by now), failed to put me through and in the end jotted down my name and number and took it directly to her desk, and she called back. They were all very friendly and cheerful, if a little bemused by their phone problems! They kept asking for my supporter number, and I said I didn’t have one, although after talking to this lady (I don’t know how to spell her name!!!) she said she was sure I was on record, and took my postcode, and there I was. So she gave me the supporter number I didn’t know I had (!) I’m wondering actually if the details are from when Andy has contacted them; I know he gets a newsletter, although that is the church address, not this address, and this address is the one they have – I really shouldn’t write as I talk; I suspect you are trembling with the lack of full stops. Isn’t it funny how reliant we are on punctuation? We actually mentally pause at the end of a sentence. Like so.

Anyway – I told you I was groggy.

She was calling to say they don’t have a specific fund for the women of Darfur, something I do realise. They are setting up a specific women’s literacy programme in Darfur in about a month if I would be interested in getting involved in that. Hummed and haaa-ed and tried to explain why I was doing what I was. I think, as I told her, I may well divide donations between the two, if I get a reasonable amount. I shall pray for the right thing. Their work in Darfur includes some very specific work with the women of Darfur, so I had decided to simply donate to their main fund, as this was included in it. Does that sound a reasonable decision? And by raising awareness hopefully that will have some impact, too. As I get more ‘clued up’ with the whole thing, my campaigning may get both wider and more specific as I get my head around all the issues.

Oh well, quite nice to have made telephone contact. They were all very friendly – and I did speak to four of them!

Today: 3-4/10, headache high

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