everything’s blooming

The philadelphus in our back garden is absolutely glorious this year. Huge masses of white blooms dangle over the flower bed and fill the air with a subtle sweet aroma.

I often pause on passing to take in a whiff – but have to be careful not to sniff up a bumble bee! Taking photos of bumblebees while buzzing around the philadelphus (which was blowing around in the breeze simultaneously) proved somewhat challenging with the camera I was using, but I caught this one having a rest on a geranium flower…

And this Red Admiral posed very nicely on the pieris. It had previously been basking in the sun on a tea-towel on the washing line, creating a perfect little silhouette when viewed from the other side. Alas, it didn’t stay long enough for me to take a picture!

Meanwhile out front the achillea I sowed and planted last year is thriving…I’ve had to keep clipping it back so it doesn’t smother the rudbeckia.

Comments welcome!

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