more in the garden

On trying to create a suitable picture for my anthology cover, I took a few more garden pics which I may as well share…

Woke up feeling all clenched up inside this morning. Tiredness can rob you of all kinds of energy – felt drained on all levels. I liken the clenched tightness to the effort it takes to keep your head above water when the levels have risen. Except the water, in this case, is fatigue. My mind makes a foolhardy attempt to overcome it and in doing so I end up feeling stressed for no reason. Never mind. Have a phone call from my Occupational Therapist this afternoon. I both dread and look forward to it. Hmm.
Energy rating: 4/10
Headache: medium

2 thoughts on “more in the garden

  1. Tricia says:

    Your photos are beautiful, as usual. What a relaxing place your garden must be!RYC: My sister and I began coloring our hair when we started getting our mother’s premature gray (she had gone almost completely gray by the time she was 38) – otherwise, I don’t know that we would have gone that route. Well, K might have, judging by the blonde locks she’s sporting now, but I probably wouldn’t. We just aren’t as enamored by the “natural” look, especially when that means gray/white skunk stripes, lol!


  2. Matt Wright says:

    Your garden looks lovely. And you are a very gifted photographer! Have I met you by the way? I’m really grateful for your comments on my blog. I love how we can all help each other grow in Christ together via what until recently for me was a very unlikely medium in cyberspace…the thing we call the blog! Have you been blogging for a while?:)


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