a title completely alludes me today

We’ve been having some Internet trouble of late. After Andy spending ages on the phone and then reinstalling everything, it seems to be all right at the moment. But if I mysteriously disappear, that will probably be why. Probably. I don’t want to limit the reasons for any mysterious disappearance I may undertake… Forgive me – I’m a little random this evening.

Nothing much to report – and alas no profound mind blowing entry – much as I would like to treat you to one. It has been raining quite a lot. But it isn’t now.

Yesterday a goldfinch visited our nyger seed feeder – that’s a first for us. I’ve not seen any in our garden since that time I did the Garden Birdwatch. We are watching Springwatch – making a mental tick every time Simon King says ‘cracking’…my favourite is ‘cracking little bird!’ but I don’t think he’s said that just yet. He’s cooing over wildcats and ospreys at the moment, neither of which are little, and one of which isn’t a bird. Our garden is quite an activity base at the moment – the benefits of a small garden mean you get more close-up views.

There’s a great tit family which keep arriving with great fanfare in next door’s tree (which overhangs our fence, so it’s known simply as ‘the tree’). I think they are the pair we’ve usually had visiting plus their offspring – very like the adults now except their very distinctive cheep-cheep-cheeping and a smudgy charcoal head instead of the adults’ sharp black. I think the blue tits must have fledged and I missed it – there was a furore of activity earlier this week back and forth feeding the chicks (and some very vocal activity inside the box). But I’ve not noticed them today or yesterday – although I’ve not been looking out of the window so much. I hope they are all right; it’s been so wet. Have a special soft spot after our rescue of one of the parents. Dunnocks aren’t fazed by the wet though – one was taking a vigorous bath in a flooded patch of the garden path yesterday, in the rain – I suppose that’s what you’d call taking a bath and a shower at the same time.

Still haven’t heard from World Vision – sent a second email in case they didn’t get the first. Rather frustrating – although I did find the section of their website where you can donate directly to their work in Darfur. I’d just like to have a reply, really, so I can be absolutely certain of the right direction for this. Have compiled first draft of anthology. Got somewhat frustrated (again) yesterday as was trying to find the perfect picture for the front cover – I had it in my mind but couldn’t find it. Finally found it today…and it wasn’t as good as I thought. I’ll get there eventually.

My font option has disappeared and it doesn’t seem to respond to my manual html today, although it should have. Mmmph.

**Update – ooh it’s working now! And because it is, you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Am I sensible enough simply to delete the previous sentence? Nah.

Wednesday:4/10, medium
Thursday: 4-5/10, medium
Friday:5/10, medium – low

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