the child and the golden coin

Dearie me. Have really felt quite shoddy these last couple of days. Not necessarily all the time, but have had moments of extreme tiredness which have been rather hard to handle. I’ve wanted to write in here but wanted to be able to just plug in and download rather than having to do tiresome things like typing and staring at the screen. Have some photos I want to post from somewhere we went on Wednesday (oh, yes – that’s yesterday – my brain needs checking) but have not got around to uploading them yet.

In answer to Tricia’s comment, I haven’t heard from World Vision yet although they did say on their website that sometimes it takes a while for them to get through all their emails, which is fair enough. I have to keep checking my spam box as well as my inbox as that’s where the one from Tearfund ended up. I use my old email for anything other than personal emails as it was getting loads of spam and I want to keep my new address pristine! Somewhere along the line someone had definitely sold my email address as I get spam in the hundreds each day to that address.

Was thinking sadly today about the vastness of these problems in the world. I need to do a second volume for the women of the Congo, I thought. Then I was reading in a Compassion magazine of abuse of girls in Guatemala and other countries. Then of course there is the enormous problem of people trafficking, and children sold for sex… Isn’t it so easy to want close up and shut down? But I won’t. I shall start where I feel God has called me. Various things seem to keep cropping up to try and dissuade me. Hmmm. I shall stick out my tongue at them.

You know when you get a magazine or a paper and all the ‘junk’ mail and advertising falls out? I was holding an advertisement for sofas and home improvements and one from Unicef about children dying from lack of immunisation (which costs 61p per child) in the same hand. Oh, and one offering a special price on a pure gold coin for a gold collectors club. Felt rather sick. £119 for a gold coin – that’s a bargain price and you will become a member of the club! 61p to save a child from dying.

It’s the obvious question that comes to mind:

How many children could you save with one gold coin?

Yesterday: 4/10, medium -high
Today: 3-4/10, high

One thought on “the child and the golden coin

  1. Tricia says:

    You’re right – it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and just shut down. But I think you’re taking the right path: just picking one area and doing what you can. It’s better than doing nothing at all.((Hugs))


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