Was going to try and type up some poems tonight but suddenly feel exhausted. Have been going through the ones already on the computer and compiling them into one document so I can go through them all. Strange reading poems from different phases of my life. It’s a very eclectic mix. Was quite amused by some I wrote when I was studying poetry, both at A level and first year degree level (I did a part time CertHE in English with History before going to study theology). Some of them are really quite good (relatively speaking – compared to others I’d written!), but there’s a couple where I read a line and think ‘wow, what a great line…but what does it mean???’ If I can’t understand it how can anyone else?! And others are too personal, even if I feel some of them are my best! I may actually have to write some new ones (gasp). Although I occasionally use poetry to express myself in here and elsewhere, they are not poems I have sat down to write and ‘craft’ properly. Sometimes they don’t need fine tuning – but others do.

Anyway so I’m getting the ball rolling, and although it is daunting in some ways I’ve had lots of encouragement – and I’ve not actually told many people about it yet. I’m afraid I don’t have huge amounts of readers here! So i shall have to approach it more directly. (Andy reads my blog, and says it is nice, although I’m afraid he does call those of you who leave comments my ‘groupies’ – my profuse apologies.)

I’ve emailed Tearfund asking about their work in Darfur, and what they do, explaining what I am feeling so passionate about. I am trying to work out the best way to do this. I want to be able to say ‘this is where your money is going – and this is why I’m doing this’.

Right now however I must go and get a cup of something to restore me. I must remember to make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Energy levels: 5/10
Headache: medium – high

3 thoughts on “preparation

  1. lynn says:

    Lucy, presume its OK for me to link to your blog, am going to do some publicity for you. Hope you approve of My Plan(just getting it online now)Lynn x


  2. Tricia says:

    Hello from your groupie! [*waves hand and squeals from across the pond*]I think that what you’re doing is fantastic and something not many people would have thought of. I’m hoping and praying that God blesses your efforts. You truly have a heart open to doing all you can to help those with the deepest needs.


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