just a bit of blather

I haven’t written anything the last couple of days – I’ve been dull and uninspiring! At least I would be if I wrote anything, I’m sure! Nevertheless, I need to update my ratings (sighs, rolls eyes) otherwise I will forget, if I haven’t already…

Friday: 5/10, medium
Saturday: 5/10, medium low
Sunday: 5-6/10, medium
so far today: 5/10, medium.

Nothing much interesting there! When it comes to the energy levels this is actually what I’m supposed to be aiming for – that is, consistency rather than highs and lows. So although there is no fantastic improvement, it is a good thing at the moment when it stays the same. Then it can gradually increase – I hope! Headache wise it is very hard to say. I need to go back to the doctor soon to get more pills (sighs again, more eye rolling), and I can’t see any significant improvement, but there you are. I hate to and fro-ing from the doctor.

I need to sort out a vet’s appointment as Charlie is due for his booster (more sighing, profuse eye rolling) but I am thinking of changing vets to one slightly closer, and perhaps more sympathetic to my situation? But of course sorting out somewhere new is a bit of a chore-bore (bore-chore?) too. Hang on….

…looks in yellow pages…

Hmmm they do have open surgery hours at this practise which may well be easier for us – the other vet is appointment only so there’s a lot of checking with diaries etc. Goody! I hate the hassle of making appointments (have I said this before by any chance?!!) So we could just take him in one late afternoon/evening and get him sorted, whenever’s best for us. Ahh….that’s good.

Blogging does make me do things! More specifically, it helps me remember. One of the most irritating symptoms (of which there are many!) of CFS, I find, is the memory problem. My short term memory can go completely at anytime. All those things people say are a ‘sign of getting old’ I’ve been doing since I was 14! I can walk upstairs and forget why I’m there, go back down, remember, go back up, do something else, go back down, then finally succeed to remember all the way up the stairs what I was supposed to do the first time. That is, if I remember at all. Many’s the time I’m hit with sudden panic over what I’ve forgotten. I make a joke of it, but I hate it. I write things down, but there are things you think of on the spot and go to do – I forget on my way there. Sad, isn’t it? I was, in a way, relieved to find this was a common symptom – that it wasn’t just me. But it does mean I struggle with it frequently. However I am grateful that there isn’t a more serious reason. It does make me more understanding, however, of those who do have more serious reasons.

Went for a nice little walk with Judy this morn. My stamina isn’t great though. It takes very little to exhaust me. I know it sounds like I’m moaning; I’m not really. It’s just what I’m having to deal with at the moment. I’m feeling reasonably content in myself, am enjoying friends’ company when I can manage it, and there’s a new theory that Vitamin D can help CFS symptoms. The sun can’t be a bad thing, then! Though I did put some sun cream on this morning. These days the seasons shift so quickly. Theoretically it’s still spring – but stepping outside is like stepping into summer.

4 thoughts on “just a bit of blather

  1. Tricia says:

    I’m curious, having never owned a rabbit…what kind of vaccinations do they need?I don’t think you’re moaning at all. I find it helps to write down what’s bothering me or what I’m dealing with at the moment, whether in my public journal or in my handwritten, private one. So feel free to write away! (And I’m praying for you, too, of course.) 🙂


  2. Lucy says:

    He has to be vaccinated against Myxomatosis – which was developed from an originally quite harmless strain to control wild rabbit populations in Australia and then accidentally got introduced in Europe by a French guy trying to get rabbits off his land! It’s a nasty thing…I’ve seen a few wild rabbits with it over the years and they were in a bad way. It usually results in death in a couple of weeks if unchecked (and if they have no resistance). Also causes blindness, lumps and swelling, etc, etc….yuk.


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