first sightings

Sunshine! Blue sky! Glorious. Saw my first damselfly of the year today, warming itself on the pond grasses before happily taking flight. Last week we heard our first cuckoo of the year. I wish I’d taken more effort to record all the ‘first sightings’ or signs of spring. I must remember next year. There are enormous amounts of hoverflies and bees in our garden. The honey bees are loving the forget-me-nots. The cotoneaster is constantly surrounded by buzzing-buzzing bumble bees. Standing next to it reminds me of standing underneath my parents’ old apple tree when it was in blossom. A delicious, summery sound. Charlie, in his run, is dozy with the warmth despite being in the shade.

I’ve been doing housework, but have been breaking it up by sitting in the lounger in the garden. I find it much easier to stick to my ‘baseline’ of activity and break things up like the programme dictates when I can sit outside. I am quite happy to gaze around me. Have been watching the great tits today. I love their sharp black and white faces and yellow tummies! They’re so agile too, popping in and out of the flower beds and in the ivy, and scuttling up and down the vertical fences, using the tiny ridges of the slats to give them grip.

Would be nice if it was sunny tomorrow. We are hoping to take Andy’s mum and dad to a National Trust house and garden not too far away. Trying to take it easy this afternoon so that I’ll be all right at Emma’s tonight. The sunshine helps!

Energy levels: 5/10
Headache: medium

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