Feeling considerably uninspired. Still feeling a bit under the weather. Yesterday I accidentally fell asleep during one of my rest stops and Andy had to shout at me to wake me up. Most unusual. Completely put me out of sync (and made dinner late!!) Had massage yesterday. Apparently my back is improving.

Sometimes I feel people think I should be improving more quickly and that the Occupational Therapy isn’t working. But it is simply a slow thing – and that doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Having a cold or a bug will make me more tired for a while. It doesn’t mean it isn’t working. I simply stick with it until it does. Also feel occasionally irritated when people say to me ‘Be patient. It will work. You just have to be patient.’ I have not been impatient at all. It’s as if they need to reassure me. I don’t always appreciate it the way I should because a) I am being patient and b) they don’t really know it will work. It’s not that I think it won’t – but it irritates me when people say it will in those soothing tones and then imply I simply need to be patient. I much prefer it when people say ‘That would drive me mad!!’ because it makes me laugh and I find it encouraging. (Is that strange?) I hope I Haven’t caused any offence. But after dealing with something for so long platitudes from those who aren’t dealing with it have the potential of really grating at me. Eech. Rant over. My apologies. (Still feel slight need to scream but will refrain.)

Charlie had his bath today. I even attempted to clip his nails. I managed the front ones but the back ones were to large for the clippers I was using. I was not about to go and get the others and start all over again. Another time.

Have got what I wanted done today but still feel bleah.


I think I need a good giggle or something.

Go on. Make me giggle.

Energy rating: 4/10
Headache: medium

Yesterday: 4/10, medium – low

2 thoughts on “bleah

  1. charlottte says:

    hi lucy, you dont know me i followed a link from yr Liz Babbs' blog comment.I jusst wanted to say… i have ME too (moderate end of severe) and it made me laugh to see you saying how it can get you irritated when people who aren't dealing with it recomend patience etc. I feel like that too!!It really bugs me sometimes, they think they're being helpful….they have noooo concept 🙂 I often find myself biting my tongue & swallowing the hasty retort I'd like to say…."oh ya think so do ya? YOU try it for a few yrs, then we'll see what you think!" :-/ i know they mean well but GRRRRLOLAnyway it encouraged me that I not the only 1 feeling that way.Just typing this is exhausting for me so I wont say any more,but thanks,blessings


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