life from the barren

Energy really low today. We had a lazy day as it’s Andy’s day off and he’s feeling pretty grotty too. We’ve had cold type things except they don’t seem to come to a head…just lurk making us feeling bunged up and icky. My sinuses keep stinging. I’m so sure you wanted to know that.

So, moments of exasperation at the fatigue today. Some days are more like that than others. In my Genesis studies this morning I was struck by how God brings life out of barren situations…how the empty are given his fullness. There are those far worse off than me. I’ve been thinking of those who have to wait for their carer to arrive to get out of bed. Those that never get to leave the house ever. Those that are confined to their beds and never have the joy of walking independently or doing anything for themselves. And yet God is not confined by our limitations, however huge they may be. There is no life to which he cannot give meaning. This is a challenge, as lack or loss of ability has such a devastating impact on people’s lives. Yet God says, I can bring light to the darkest places, hope to the most broken of souls. He is not limited; nor is he reluctant to come close, and to bring his fullness where we can see only emptiness.

Energy levels: 2-3/10
Headache: medium high

One thought on “life from the barren

  1. Tricia says:

    I find that one of the most difficult things for me to do is to look at a bad situation I’m in and try to see how God could use it – whether to help me grow or to help others. I’m always encouraged by your diary and the way you are constantly looking to Him during your own difficulties. In a small way, you’re ministering to my own situation. So thank you. 🙂


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