butterflies and dandelions

Was just hanging out some washing, occasionally waving away a hoverfly or two (did you know hoverflies are very territorial about their flying space?) when a peacock butterfly fluttered in front of me. My first sighting this year.

The weekend seeing Mum and Dad was nice. We generally just pottered about and drank cups of tea – all within my regime of course. I think the next time I’ll see them will be at Dad’s 70th birthday meal in June, where it will be nice to see the family. Trying to ensure we’re all free is complicated. Hopefully it’ll work out for everyone – Louise is having trouble getting the weekend off.

I’ve had to contact Rachel and Sarah to say I won’t make it to Rachel’s 30th in May, which I feel bad about. I don’t think I can manage the travelling. I was pulling up dandelions yesterday in the garden and after only 10 minutes I started to shake and had to sit down before I could even go back in doors. How ridiculous. Sometimes, when deliberately keeping to my prescribed level of activity, I forget what it feels like when the fatigue is full-on. I didn’t think weeding was above that level, but obviously yesterday it was. I went to the whole church service on Sunday because someone was preaching ‘with a squint’ but I think it was too much for me. Growl, growl. So travelling to London for a party is likely to be beyond me right now. I don’t mind so much but I do love seeing Rachel and Sarah. I wish we all lived in the same street!

Still, the sun is shining, and the butterflies are coming.

Energy levels: 5/10
Headache: medium / low

Saturday: 5-4/10, medium
Sunday: 4/10, medium
Yesterday: 3/10, medium

2 thoughts on “butterflies and dandelions

  1. lynn says:

    Love that phrase “preaching with a squint”. I had to ponder that one for a moment. I work with children! I’m not the sharpest tack in the packet! 🙂


  2. Lucy says:

    Tee hee! Some prefer to call it ‘preaching with a peep’ I believe. The strange things we come up with… I suppose strictly speaking it is preaching with a view to preaching with a view, but that seems to be something of a mouthful! (Perhaps I should have explained it better for those unused to our terminology…readers may actually think the preacher was deliberately squinting throughout the service!) Andy never preached with a squint. We went straight to preaching with a view (…to becoming minister, for the poor confused readers). Dear goodness, I’m entering waffle mode in my own comments section!!


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