cards n’ that

I made a 70th birthday card for my mum to give to a friend today. I still have to clear up the mess I made! It was quite entertaining last year as my parents both asked me if I would make an anniversary card for the other…meaning I had to make three cards for the same occasion. The other day I was informed someone had given one of my cards to them on their birthday, and I still don’t know which it was!

This is the one I made for Dad to give to Mum (he specified what he wanted)

This is the one I made for Mum to give to Dad

I don’t think I took a photo of the one we gave them!

Here are some I’ve made recently. I thought I may as well post some pictures here. I’m trying to build up a little stash to take to a local arts and crafts gallery to see if they will sell them for me. Trouble is I have so many projects in life that they all take time!

I am currently rather obsessed with buttons!

And am extremely fond of boats.

Flowers in vases are probably my trademark!

Went for a short riverside walk with Judy S this morning and then had a coffee. There was a flock of turnstones running about near the water’s edge – very pretty!

Mum and Dad are coming to visit later this week.

Energy rating: 4-5/10

Headache: Medium – Low

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