rebuilding the bicycle

I am finally moving past Genesis 1-11 in my current studies and beginning the Abraham narratives. I could carry on digging and discovering – I have commandeered most of the Genesis commentaries from Andy’s office. I have a distinct advantage at having access to so many resources on a personal level; although I suspect as an individual I would have collected some of my own. Certainly there are some that I bought in our collective…er…collection. Together we have built up quite a library.
Anyway, I have left blank pages in my bible reading journal so that I can go back over things if I want.

Yesterday’s entry and my studies remind me of what it felt like to study theology at college. Some of the most breathtaking discoveries were so simple, not complicated or complex matters but merely taking off the cultural lenses we don’t realise we’re wearing, or reading what the bible really says and not what we assumed it meant. It’s not an easy process. I remember Mary Evans talking about the effect on faith – like taking a bicycle apart, polishing up the pieces, and putting back together. There is a point where everything is completely dismantled and you can’t imagine it otherwise. But it does go back together – brighter, stronger – and much less brittle. It…bounces. (I think we have moved away from the bicycle analogy, since I have never met a bouncy bicycle.) Instead of continuously on the defense, it absorbs new challenges and new ideas, assessing them without feeling threatened by them. Changing shape, sometimes, because of them – and other times rejecting them and being unaffected.

Anyway. Have just watched Doctor Who. I like Donna. She’s a strong and likeable character. Went slightly apoplectic with excitement at the return last week. I think this will be a good series. Now there’s a change of subject for you.

Energy levels: 4-5/10
Headache: Medium – Low

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