We are back from spending the weekend at Andy’s parents. We had a lunch on Saturday to celebrate their Golden Wedding, in a very nice Cotswold hotel. Woke on Sunday to snow! Melted quickly. Don’t know how impressed Charlie was – we took him with us in the smaller hutch we used to use for the guinea pigs. He had his hutch hugger and was in a very sheltered spot. He was perfectly happy when we checked on him in the morning, despite the layer of white. Then the sun came out and I had to pull the cover back so he didn’t get roasted. The weather is quite bizarre. No snow here, though we were greeted with some whirling flakes when we returned yesterday early evening. Had a brief encounter with our new neighbours over the fence. The conversation went: ‘A bit nippy, isn’t it?!’ ‘Just a bit, yes!’ What would we do without the weather to talk about?!

Going to see Ed and Emma (and Ewan and Evie!) on Wednesday, which will be nice. Trying to organise a get together with Helen and Kaye later this month but it’s not working out very well. I suspect it would be better to try for something later in the year. Trying to organise things with three people is always more difficult than two! In some ways it may be better as I’m not sure about the travelling with this ‘regime’ of mine.

The rests are going…reasonably well. In the sense that I am doggedly doing them. The trouble is I am supposed to be as near a ‘meditative’ state as possible – i.e. not to be thinking as well as not doing. I don’t really succeed at this very often! I try to concentrate on my breathing. Listening to meditation CDs works some times but then I start getting irritated with them if I do them very frequently.

I spoke to my new Occupational Therapist last week; she seems nice. She suggested I should keep a daily record of how I’m doing – so I get a sense of any progress. Slow progress is the hardest to see without something to look back on. Perhaps I should give myself a daily rating? Out of ten. The doctor wants me to keep a headache diary too. Perhaps I should note it at the end of every entry here. As long as passers by don’t think I’m some kind of hypochondriac! If I forget, you’ll have to remind me. I can’t work out the best way to rate it. If I do it out of ten it’s hard to know which way round… I will go with 1 as worst and 10 as best, I think, rather than higher or lower. The headache I will describe rather than rate. Gosh, I do waffle, don’t I?!

Here is today’s:

Energy rating: 4/10
Headache: medium

One thought on “home

  1. Tricia says:

    Meditation (to get into a state of “not thinking”) is something I’ve never been able to do well. I just can’t NOT think!In any case, I think that the daily record sounds like a good thing (like I’m a doctor and wouild know, lol!). Hopefully, you’ll be able to see progress over time.((Hugs))


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