Did not make it to church today. Partly because I’ve been feeling pretty shoddy this weekend. It’s frustrating because I’ve missed communion, again. And it’s weird asking for a pastoral visit from your own husband. Sometimes I think – who is my minister / pastor? Officially it is Andy – but Andy is Andy to me, not ‘the minister’. If we attempted a pastoral ‘visit’ we’d probably both get the giggles.

The other reason I didn’t make it is the joys of my routine versus the clocks going forward. We are now in British Summer Time. Mmmm. Well, at least the sun has been shining today. I adjusted my rests slightly today to ease myself in but it’s all very awkward when you are on a strict timetable and the time itself changes. So have been feeling somewhat all over the place.

There are various trains of thought meandering through my mind (a scary prospect, I know) but I do not have the ability at this moment to go into them. So I shuffle them away into the teapots in my head where they will brew until they are ready to be poured out.

Just to clarify, I don’t really think there are actual teapots in my head. It’s one of those analogy type things. You know.

2 thoughts on “teapots

  1. Tricia says:

    Sadly, we didn’t get to church either this week. We ate something the night before that disagreed with us and spent much of yesterday morning getting rid of it. Ick.RYC: Yes, the frog exhibit was really neat. They had dozens of frogs from all over the world on exhibit – one was about as big as a small melon, and another type was no bigger than a fingernail when fully grown. The sheer variety of God’s creation fascinates me.And no, I don’t think you’re a bad person for wanting to touch/be near the animals, too. 🙂 I’m exactly the same way. If I’m in a situation where they’re allowing people to touch an animal, I’ll take advantage of it as soon as the kids are out of the way. And generally Mike and I go to zoos and other animal exhibits as early in the day as possible to avoid all the little kids and have a less stressful experience. Unfortunately, we visited the frog exhibit on the day before Easter, when everyone was vacationing, so it was hard to avoid crowds – or obnoxious parents with little clueless kids.


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