out of the comfort zone

Having a brief break in a somewhat housework-oriented day. Not helped by Charlie of course, back indoors – his cage has to go at the end of the dining room as there are no alternatives. Have cleaned him out and hoovered all around but no doubt I will go back downstairs and find somehow he managed to huff some hay into the kitchen or something. A bunny with super-breath. Hmmm. I yearn for a utility room! But I suspect he’d still manage it, somehow. He’ll go back outside next week. These strange bursts of snow will be over soon, surely??

Having youth housegroup over tonight. Should be fun. Andy leads but I put in my two pence worth every now and again. Occasionally I forget my role and get told off for giggling. Youthwork is not my area of gifting but I have been involved before. A couple of years back I led a small youthgroup in a church without many young people. There were 4 teenagers without anything of their own. Since there was no one else, and I felt strongly about it – in the end I volunteered myself. With the help of the oldest girl I led it for a few months before our wedding (and thus departure). Although completely out of my comfort zone I grew extremely fond of these kids. There was a mix of Christian and non-Christian (unusual in such a small group). When I left there were 6 of them. Hey, c’mon, that’s a 50% increase!! One moment I will always remember is one girl asking me to explain a verse to her – and then saying ‘oh….I never really understood the cross before’. That one comment alone would have made the whole experience worth it. I don’t claim to have explained the whole multi-faceted meaning of the cross – and I believe it is multi-faceted. But she had grasped a basic idea that helped her understand the purpose of what Jesus did, and what he had achieved. The boys generally sniggered a lot, and teased me. I learnt this was a good sign. Staring sullenly at me would not have been good! I was accepted among them and that both encouraged and surprised me. I know I am not a natural youthleader! But I enjoy working alongside small groups and taking the role as a listener when needed. Now with the youth in our church, I am not very involved but I still feel that same degree of concern that I first felt in that earlier experience.

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