Easter song

As usual, around Easter, I remember a song we used to sing in primary school, during our Easter-time assemblies. The first line was ‘why did Jesus suffer so?’ and I think, if I try, I can remember the first verse:

‘Why did Jesus suffer so
on a cross of shame?Why did Jesus have to gowhen wise men were to blame?Cruel nails, crown of thornsheartache, pain and bitter scornall by Jesus bravely bornjust for you and me…’

Something like that, anyway. I am sure there are two more verses but I have never been able to find it anywhere. The last verse talks about the resurrection, I think, and it frustrates me for some reason that I can’t remember it. I haven’t the faintest idea who wrote it, but since I can’t find any reference to it anywhere, even on the Net, it makes me wonder if it were ever a properly ‘published’ song at all. I’m pretty sure it was written for children, but I don’t know. Every year I think of it and get irritated that I can’t find it. The tune whirls around my head – da da dee dum da da dum (I’m sure that helps you tremendously!).

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