cars and girls

…well, actually, no girls, unless you count me. However I am only one girl. And I don’t drive – a nice little frustration which I will explain another time.

Am sipping on tea while I warily listen to the clatterings outside. I’m wondering when the concrete drills will start. Next door are having a drive put in, which is all well and good, but it makes the general parking problems we have here even more acute. The one space outside our house will become even more coveted, not least by us, as we don’t have a drive, and the garage is too small. We tried once to get the car in, but I think the garages in front were built later, and now if you try, you can’t get the right angle – there isn’t the space, and the raised concrete in front of it means there is little room to manoeuvre. In practice, it’s basically a concrete ramp, so you’re either on it or you’re off it. We have a bumper scratch as a memento of that attempt. Besides, even if you squeezed in there’s a slight issue of how one would get out of the car. Anyway. So I’m waiting for the real noise to start. When the other side had their drive extended the drilling started just in time for my rest stop. Wahey.

I have to tidy up this drama sketch this morning. I think I’m trying to be too ambitious with it – I’ll go for short and simple. It’s an aid in a service; it’s not meant to explain the entire Easter story.

Kaye left early yesterday. Had a nice time with her here. Felt quite shoddy and tired all day yesterday, however. Don’t feel quite so bad this morning, which is a relief. I was literally having trouble holding my head up yesterday. Everything felt heavy with fatigue, and all my glands decided it was a good day to swell up. Joyous.

I have been putting off ringing the CFS service for some time. My last occupational therapist, Lizzy, was only temporary. We were having phone contact until the end of last year, but now she’s left. She said that a new OT would be in touch in January…hmmm…. I know you get left to your own devices after a few follow up phone calls, so I’m not complaining about that, but I do want to know if I’m supposed to have any more, or if I’m on my own. I’m going to have to ring and ask, saying, ‘I’m sorry, I just want to know if you’re planning to ring me or not’. I could try and do it this morning. Maybe.

Maybe I’ll do it now.

Album of the Moment: David Gray, Life in Slow Motion
Currently (re)reading: John Grisham, The Street Lawyer

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