managing Sundays

Well, I managed to get to church this morning. I was feeling shattered last night, so planned out how I would manage it…I knew I would leave after Rest Stop 1 so I got up, made myself a cup of tea, read a psalm, and then had a nice relaxing bath. The idea was if I relaxed and pampered myself I would be able to find the energy…I think it worked. It may be a routine I get into for Sundays. I even tried to straighten my hair…quite funny as I never bother with such things normally. I don’t have the patience for it I’m afraid; my hair does what it wants. It’s very thick. Hairdressers frequently laugh and coo over it (with the exception of the one who did my wedding style – she turned purple and I’m sure she was trying not to swear most of the time!) Occasionally one will be slightly more astute and comment on how long it must take to dry…. Yeah, exactly. I usually just use the dryer and a comb until its dry – styling doesn’t normally come into it! However I managed to sleek it down a bit, although attempting to do the back was an interesting experience, using the mirror but of course it was the other way round and I kept moving the straighteners in the wrong direction…at least I didn’t scorch myself, I suppose!

I was half an hour late, as I expected, but the seat I was hoping would be free was happily available so I could slip in without drawing attention to myself. Of course I would arrive during prayers, but used the door nearest the back and closed it very slowly before leaning against the wall until the next song! I was tired afterwards, so had to find a seat to have my drink. If I’d had to stand too long I would have felt sick. Still, it was good to make another appearance. Funny moment when a lady came up to Andy and said ‘How is Lucy at the moment? Is she away?’ and I was standing right next to him! ‘Hello!’ I said cheerfully, much to her embarrassment.

Having really bad lower back ache today, which is somewhat poopy. Still, such is life. Kaye coming tomorrow.

One thought on “managing Sundays

  1. Tiggs says:

    It is always nice when we figure something out and it works! I’m glad you got to go to church again today. I’m sure it lifts your spirits greatly!Enjoy the rest of your day!Hugs, Tiggs


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