the trouble with Rest Stop 1

I need to get my creative juices flowing today as I am supposed to be writing an Easter sketch. I know what it is but I need to actually write it. Flow, juices, flow! Also need to make a shepherd’s pie. Kaye coming to visit next week and it would be nice to have something ready to pop in the oven instead of spending lots of time in kitchen. I shall probably start preparing that first, after Rest Stop 1. Rest Stop 1 is always a little irritating on a Saturday. I’m downstairs at 8, like a good girl, but then am doing my Genesis study and usually don’t end up showering etc. till 9, if I get absorbed, which I normally do. If like today I need to wash my hair, that takes longer, and then I have breakfast. And feed Charlie – ooh that reminds me, must do that now. But Rest Stop 1 always seems to arrive just as all the preamble to the day is over. Right, now, I think – oh, wait, I have to stop.

Now, I need the loo. Farewell.

2 thoughts on “the trouble with Rest Stop 1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope you got to the loo in time, lol!FYI in case you don’t get back there – you posted a really good question on my journal. I’ll have to think about it over the weekend so I can come up with an answer that doesn’t ramble forever, and I’ll post it on Monday. Thanks!Tricia


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