as for today

As for today (phew, my third and last post), I got Charlie inside since there is going to be a cold snap, and ended up having to give him a bath because he was a little messy down below. Hold your nose, I have a bunny that suffers from – sigh -“sticky bottom syndrome” – what a name! But alas very descriptive. He is on a strict diet but occasionally for no apparent reason things flare up again. This time I put him in the bath because he was quite…messy…and after I’d soaked him and – oh you don’t need to know the details – I decided he needed a further rinse and turned the shower on him. Since we have a troublesome shower which is often too hot, I had to put in on cold. Poor thing. He scrambled towards me for help only to realise I was the one doing the deed. I think if you had a jet of cold water aimed at your rear end, you’d be indignant too. Nevertheless, he didn’t seem particularly anxious and certainly not afraid. It was more like: ‘what on earth are you doing now? I mean – really!’ Later in the afternoon I took some cute pics which I’ll include at some point.

Spoke to Helen and to Emma this evening. Sarah rang my mobile whilst Emma was on the landline. Tried to ring her back but then she was engaged. It all happens at once! Still, always nice to be bombarded with friends!

My word. I’m tired. Sleepy bye byes for me.


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