tiny twins and other things

Went with Bev today to see a lady from church who has two tiny twins! They came somewhat earlier than expected (by C-Section) so they are so small – the little boy is very small but the little girl is teeny weeny! I just kept looking at her hands – the smallest hands I’ve ever seen. The skin was all wrinkly as if there wasn’t enough of her to fill it out. Bev held the little girl and then I had the task of calming the wailing little boy but it wasn’t really a task…once I’d picked him up and found him light and easy to hold I tried various rockings and pattings and jigglings. He kept falling asleep and then waking up again, staring at me with his wide tiny eyes. Eventually he fell asleep completely and we were quite happy until my shoulder started complaining and I gave him to Bev where he similarly gurgled, cried and slumbered and gurgled and cried and slumbered. In the past I’ve not been very confident with babies, simply from lack of experience, but today I was quite comfortable even with him squalling on my lap. Babies cry, and that’s OK. He can cry if he wants to, but if my patting him on the back and jiggling him gently makes him stop and gape at me, so much the better. So, a pleasant afternoon. We were there over an hour but it went very quickly. I hadn’t got my act together and made a card which was remiss of me, although there were cards crammed in every nook and cranny of the room.

29th February today, which always deserves a passing nod. We all go on about having an extra day, although of course that is nonsense, it is the measurement of time, not time itself. Andy asked me if I’d proposed to anyone today which earned him a blank stare until he gently reminded me of the date. This all means that it is March tomorrow, and I need to sow more seeds, and possibly soon prick out the ones I’ve done. I never really keep on top of it and end up in plant pot chaos around April and May.

Rainy today, off and on. So will March come in like a lion or a lamb? I’m somewhat hoping the latter as I need to clean out Charlie and it’s a bother doing it in the wind and rain.

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