and other things

Didn’t feel like leaving the last entry as the latest entry, for some reason. So, other things. Still have a perpetual headache, which is no fun. Will go back to doctor on Monday. Having eyes tested tomorrrow in case that is a factor. Have found a physiotherapist not far away and someone willing to take me so will also ring them next week. Headache may be related to my atrociously tight neck. Hope it gets sorted somehow. When it begins to throb I feel like my eyes and brain are turning to goo and about to trickle out of my nostrils. What a delightful picture.

Am trying to take control of life a little, even with the limitations of my treatment programme. Wrote a new song last week, the first for ages. It’s only the bare bones, but it’s quite catchy so I’m hoping I can polish it up. I am also looking to start recording devotional / study tapes for people at church, particularly the elderly who struggle with sight. Rather than slumping about complaining about not using my gifts, I shall try and be a little more creative in my thinking…often we think our health problems stop us from doing things, but there are ways of doing them, although we may not initially have thought of them. The reason I am encouraged in this is that it was something I was thinking about, but then a friend came up with exactly the same idea, quite independently. That felt quite exciting, having another person think I was capable of it, not just me.

Need to pot on my sweet peas, which are growing at quite a rate. They are the dwarf version (snoopea) but even so they need some support already. Probably a bit too warm where I’ve got them, but don’t have many options. They should be ok though; my seedlings have succeeded in previous years – I think only one tray went wrong and that was my first. I learnt from the mistakes I made.

Have other things I wanted to write but I need to get some other jobs underway…..

Comments welcome!

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