The original introduction to this blog in its other location:

The purpose of this blog is to have a place where I can encourage myself to dig deeper into the bible, and record the treasures I find within. It is a tool for seeking a deeper understanding of the scriptures that I believe are God breathed.

In an attempt at beginning, I have decided to structure it by first reading through the gospel of Luke, interspersed with any other comments on scriptures I have discovered, and possibly more general biblical themes/topics as I go along. But Luke shall be my main focus for now.

This is something I am doing to help myself with my bible reading, both with regularity and depth. However if I happen to notice something others find helpful, that will equally delight me. For the treasures are there to be found, and often we find them together, by discussion and listening to the opinions and perspectives of those round us. So I am more than happy to have all your comments, thoughts, encouragement and yes, friendly disagreement! That is how we learn, and I want to learn.

That is the way ahead. This is more of a prologue than a first entry.

Let the journey begin…

Comments welcome!

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