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Hello, my name is Lucy. A big welcome to you if this is your first visit (and a cheery wave to regular visitors and friends – you’re a very pleasant bunch).

This website is where I share a bit about me and what I do – mainly writing and editing. I love trying my hand at most things creative, when I get the chance (and time); I also love nature and wildlife and am kept sane by the delightfulness of our two guinea pigs, Frodo and Chewbacca (aka Chewie). I adore cosying up in coffee shops, where I write a lot of first drafts.

I’m married to a lovely chap who is also a Baptist minister and I enjoy getting involved with church activities when I am able. I do struggle with chronic illness (CFS/ME) so I have to say ‘no’ to many things where I would love to say ‘yes’!

My main writing project so far has been my book, Forgetful Heart, published by Darton, Longman and Todd (also publishers of the Pope, but we’ve not crossed paths as yet). The book looks at the tug of distractions in the Christian life and suggest ways we might remember God in a more effective way…although I am not very good at it (which I admit in the book).

To read more about it and watch a video of me with longer hair, click here.

To read sporadic blog posts, click here.

Have fun!



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